ZeroSwap — Everything You Need to Know

Gas prices on the Ethereum network are undoubtedly high, the highest when compared to other blockchains. While some may argue that sending and receiving Ether is simple, this is not the case when dealing with ERC-20 tokens and interfacing with decentralized apps (dApps). This outrageously high gas fee is a significant hardship for ordinary users and a disincentive for people interested in entering the decentralized financial field (DeFi).

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has gained traction as the greatest option to Ethereum-based DeFi applications. It not only saves money on gas but also speeds up transactions. As a result, the Binance coin (BNB) and several cryptocurrencies built on top of BSC surpassed Ethereum and DeFi initiatives built around it. The ability to save money on gas is likely the most tempting feature of BSC’s DeFi apps. It makes DeFi more available and accessible to everybody, not only those with the financial means to pay for high gas prices.

What if there is a DeFi project that is completely gasless and feeless, as well as fully decentralized and multi-chain? Zeroswap provides these solutions to make on-chain trading economical, simple, and straightforward for everyone.

What is ZeroSwap?

Zeroswap is a multi-chain interoperable decentralized exchange aggregator with zero gas and trade fees. It combines liquidity from several blockchains to facilitate faster order routing and settlement. Users are rewarded for making on-chain trades and providing liquidity.

Visit: DEX

The protocol addresses the basic issues of fragmented liquidity and expensive on-chain costs. Zeroswap reduces the key barriers to DeFi adoption by allowing orders to be cleared across various networks without requiring assets to be moved across numerous chains and by delivering totally gasless and feeless transactions.

Why ZeroSwap DEX?

Gasless Transactions — All on-chain trades will be performed via gas-less transactions, which will be accomplished through transaction fee mining.

Zero Fees — It will not charge any fees for adding/removing liquidity or trading on the protocol.

Rewards — Users will receive incentives from Liquidity Mining each time they perform an on-chain trade and provide liquidity.

DEX Aggregation — To achieve the best prices, ZeroSwap would combine liquidity from all existing protocols.

Governance — The ZeroSwap Protocol is governed by a consensus mechanism that evolves.

Developer Friendly — Allow developers to easily build decentralized services on the platform.

Key Components of ZeroSwap Explained

🔹 Liquidity Mining and Staking

Rather than keeping funds dormant in wallets, users may contribute liquidity to Zeroswap and be rewarded with $ZEE tokens. The gained $ZEE tokens can then be staked to earn much more. Currently, staking $ZEE at Zeroswap provides customers with an annual percentage yield (APY) of 64%.

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🔹 ZeeDO — DEX Token Offerings

ZeeDO, Zeroswap’s Dex Token Offering platform (DTO), is a great replacement for both Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs).

It allows everyone to engage in the fundraising process, making it more open, fair, and transparent than ICOs and IEOs. This will prevent whales from amassing large amounts of money and perhaps manipulating the market. Users can immediately begin trading the tokens they purchased as soon as a project releases its token in ZeeDO.

Visit: ZeeDO

🔹 Multi Chain Aggregator

Zeroswap’s multi-chain aggregator, presently supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon chains. It also intends to combine Cosmos and Solana in the future.

This saves consumers time and effort from going from one DEX to another to complete their transactions. This also lets customers quickly migrate from one chain to another to take advantage of superior incentive programs or potential pricing changes.

ZeroSwap BEP20 Bridge: Enables $ZEE Token holders to effortlessly convert their $ZEE ERC20 tokens to the Binance Smart Chain $ZEE BEP20.

Visit: Bridge

Visit: How to Bridge ERC20 to BEP20

🔹 ZeroSwap SDK

Zeroswap is a protocol that is not only user-friendly but also technologically advanced and developer-friendly. As a result, other projects may easily incorporate the Zeroswap SDK to create bespoke decentralized products without having to start from scratch.

ZeroSwap $ZEE Tokenomics

Token Name: ZeroSwap

Token Ticker: ZEE

Token Type: BEP-20, ERC-20, Polygon

Max Supply: 100,000,000 ZEE

Circ. Supply: 51,751,000 ZEE

Current Price: 0.34/ZEE

All-Time High: 3.3$

All-Time Low: 0.043$

Decimals: 18

Contract Address:

ERC20: 0x2eDf094dB69d6Dcd487f1B3dB9febE2eeC0dd4c5

BEP20: 0x44754455564474a89358b2c2265883df993b12f0

Polygon: 0xfd4959c06FbCc02250952DAEbf8e0Fb38cF9FD8C

$ZEE Is Listed and Traded on,

$ZEE Use Cases

  • $ZEE is intended to be the spark for the transition from centralized to decentralized exchanges. It is intended to play an important role in the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies and DeFi.
  • Apart from being used as an incentive for liquidity mining, $ZEE also functions as a governance token, allowing users to vote on future protocol modifications and upgrades.
  • $ZEE tokens are necessary for users to participate in Dex token offers in ZeeDO. More $ZEE use cases will be introduced as the ZeroSwap platform expands.


There is no question that Zeroswap goes above and beyond the existing features provided by large decentralized exchanges. With the incredible rate at which the DeFi area is expanding, the stage is perfect for Zeroswap to flourish. Zeroswap is a project to keep an eye on in the next months and years due to its unique functionality and solid fundamentals. In the case of the $ZEE tokens, the low supply and use cases will create demand, assisting in increasing its value. To ensure the self-sustainability of every feeless exchange done on the platform, a percentage of $ZEE tokens will be burned and permanently removed from the supply.

For More information about ZeroSwap:

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Umesh Goonasekera

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