Non Fungible DeFi — Revolutionizing DeFi and NFT


Non-Fungible-DeFi is a future breakthrough that integrates NFT’s and Defi together in one location to establish a very durable ecosystem with high yield farm pools with massive APYs.
Non-Fungble-Defi is home to several Defi products and platforms that comprise the ecosystem, led by $NFD key governance token.
Non-Fungible-Defi will also incorporate NFTs into its BSC base ecosystem to make NFT trading for any token holder simple and cheaper.

The business plan of the project is so efficiently built that token holders can utilize all of the products, platforms and NFTs that the team has seamlessly constructed so that the NFD Platform is feasible and more accessible. The main purpose of the project has clearly been to integrate all financial service products, including DApps and wallets in a single place, called ‘NFD Ecosystem’.

Existing Problems

Higher Transaction Fees

Sky-rocketing Ethereum transaction fees has become a major issue for traders as it costs roughlybetween 5$ to 50$ per transaction.

Higher DEX Trading Fees

DEXs’ were designed overcome higher trading fees of CEX’s and provide flexible transactions to its users. Unfortunately, major DEXs like Uniswap and PancakeSwap have higher trading fees.

Unprotected Wallets

With the increased popularity towards cryptocurrencies, attacks on exchanges and wallets (like Tockepocket, Brave Wallet) have increased and lost millions of tokens of their users.

Useless games for NFTs

NFT Gaming platform has become a trend in the recent past, many scam gaming projects trick people into play their games giving false hope to its users.

Undervalued NFTs

Almost all NFT marketplaces prioritize only the highest bidder and the transaction fees on such marketplaces are higher than they used to be.

NFD Solutions to Existing Problems

Developed on Binance Smart Chain (Higher APY Farming and Staking)

Since the transaction fees for native BSC tokens are based on Binance Smart Chain, the transaction costs are roughly $0.15 a transaction which amount to an average trader for about $20–30 a month and hundreds of dollars of fee savings. Best class Triple digit farm apy’s and easy-to-use UIs are provided by farm pools and pools built to deliver cutting-edge payouts that make it very easy to earn NFD while owning them.

NFD Decentralized Exchange - NFD DEX

It is a decentralized exchange created to compete with large competitors such as Pancakeswap and Julswap by reducing trade charges for each swap. In the case of large charges for a DEX of 0.5–1%, NFD DEX charges just 0.2%.
By utilising the Binance Order Book API, NFD DEX will also maintain the lowest possible slippage levels.

NFD Marketplace

Since NFD is primarily concerned with bringing and integrating DeFi and NFT’s in an individual marketplace, NFD is constructing its own NFT market where users may purchase and sell their NFTs at a fair price together with advanced security to avoid prejudiced auctioning and cash frauds.

NFD Wallet

The most advanced security wallet designed with particular oracles and interactive user interfaces where users are readily allowed to retain and save their NFD tokens and other BEP20 tokens.

NFT Games

NFT games are definitely the most profitable games for players, as they aim to establish certain benefits for each level milestone that will be automatically delivered to participants by bots when they reach that milestone. Also, Nonfungible Defi teams make the greatest score (best player of the week) a special NFT, which will value several hours of play.

NFD Pre Sale

Inorder to purchase NFD prior to listing at a discounted price of 35$ per $NFD, investors should send USDT, BUSD or BNB to the presale contract address;


Tokens will be received within 30 minutes after the payment is made.

Non Fungible DeFi (NFD) Tokenomics

Token Name: Non Fungible DeFi

Token Ticker: NFD

Token Type: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Total Supply: 50,000 NFD

IEO Price: $35 per NFD

Initial M. Cap: $1,750,000

Non Fungible DeFi Roadmap

Non Fungible DeFi Team

Exchanges and Partners

Non Fungible DeFi project is backed and partnered by some of the leading exchanges such as, Binance, Kucoin and MXC etc.

For More information about the Non Fungible DeFi project:


Non Fungible DeFi is one of the best projects out there today with a meaningful use case. It supports cross chain solutions with bridging between Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain. This project provides various useful solutions to overcome most of the issues faced by cryptocurrency users today. Play games to earn cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to earn just by investing your free time in it.

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