Lunaland (LLN) — A New P2P Virtual Currency


In the aftermath of the 2007–2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC), Bitcoin was established in 2009. Following the collapse of the conventional financial system and a massive rise in money production, the goal was to develop a new digital currency and financial system. The aim was to return power to the people, free of the influence of governments, big companies, or any single individual, and with a limited supply. Bitcoin has risen to the 17th largest currency in the world in the previous decade, and it is the only one with a limited quantity.

People are now in a similar scenario in the post-COVID-19 pandemic world, with limitless money printing, increasing inflation, and a conventional financial structure that has left many regular people behind. Indeed, the scope of money production and political control has grown enormously during the previous 20 years. The amount of modern money production, according to US Federal Reserve data, surpasses even the extraordinary levels of 2008–2009.

LunaLand’s launch is ideal for addressing these issues and creating a peer-to-peer digital currency and store of value with a declining supply that builds on the success of previous major cryptocurrencies!

What is Lunaland?

LunaLand (LLN) is a virtual currency that operates on a peer-to-peer basis. It, seeks to guard against inflation and limitless money production. It is the exact opposite of fiat currencies, which have an infinite supply potential. It not only has a limited supply, but it is also a hyper-deflationary supply coin, meaning that the majority of the initial supply will be burned until the target quantity of 400 million coins is attained.

Starting with a supply of one trillion coins, 99.96 percent will be burnt in regular cycles. The burn cycles will continue until a goal supply of 1 Lunar distance in meters — the distance between the Earth and the Moon — of coins, which is 400 Million LLN, is reached. While no platform nor ecosystem can directly affect the price of LLN, the LunaLand project team is developing real-world applications for the funding to support the coin’s value.

Issues With Centralised Platforms and How Lunaland Provide Solutions to Them?

Centralised platform initiatives aiming to establish a platform/ecosystem are highly risky. There is execution risk, team risk, market risk, and other risks that must be addressed for the project to generate actual value and result in coin price appreciation. LunaLand aims to circumvent this by not being connected to a centralized platform/project that has an influence on the coin’s price. It is a peer-to-peer digital currency and value storage, and its viability is solely dependent on user acceptance and the development of the LunaLand community.

Key Features of Lunaland

It will make it possible for users to transmit money online and utilize it as a means of trade. Because there is no mint function, availability is restricted. The quantity of LLN, the native token of Lunaland, in circulation can only drop over time. A digital currency that uses the blockchain’s capabilities to provide transparency, security, and minimal transaction costs.

The goal of Lunaland, with a fixed, declining supply, is to provide a price floor for the coin and reward early adopters and token holders over time. This is achieved by a large initial supply, which keeps the initial entry price low in order to promote trade and currency acceptance as the supply deflates. Lunaland also provides features such as,

  • Manual Burns: Consistent burn cycles lower supply by 99.96 percent, from one trillion to 400 million coins.
  • Hyper-Deflation: The use of deflation supply to boost price momentum.
  • Reward Holders: Controlled burns do not penalize buyers/sellers through a fee, but instead stimulate trade and liquidity while rewarding holders.
  • Promotes Trading: Promotes liquidity by rewarding early adopters and reinvesting at least 50% of profits in liquidity pools. There is no trading fee to stimulate liquidity, and coin incentives are given to holders, giving users the best of both worlds!
  • Cheap Entrance Price: With a supply of one trillion coins, the goal is to give a low entry price while rewarding holders with infinite upside potential.

Manual Burning of LLN

LunaLand will undergo recurring burn cycles until 99.96% of the coins have been burnt and the goal supply of 400 million coins has been attained. Manual burns managed by the team indicate that the burn is finite and controlled. As the project progresses, regular cycles and consistent communication will guarantee that the community is kept informed and rewarded. The official website will communicate and track the regular burn cycles and circumstances.

The LunaLand burn plan has numerous innovative elements that aim to reward holders while also benefiting the community. The essential elements and circumstances of the LunaLand burn method are outlined below.

  • Burn Cycle: LunaLand will conduct at least weekly burn cycles in which a growing amount of coins will be burned until the goal supply is attained.
  • Random Burn Amount: Each manual burn will burn a certain amount of coins chosen at random using a random number generator, which will rise as currency adoption grows.
  • Burn Range: As the number of account holders increases, so will the quantity of coins burnt. A burn amount will be picked at random from an expanding range that will increase by an order of magnitude (10X) as the number of holders increases.
  • Communication: Before the burn feature is activated, each burn will be publicized to the community, and a burn countdown meter on the official website will notify the community when the burn is taking place.
  • Burn and Earn: With each burn, the team burn 90% of the burn value and distribute 10% to holders proportionally.

Tokenomics of Lunaland ($LLN)

Token Name: Lunaland

Token Ticker: LLN

Token Type: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Initial Supply: 1 Trillion LLN

Target Supply: 400 Million LLN

Decimals: 18

Burnable Token: Yes

Mintable Token: No

Lunaland LLN is listed on Pancakeswap and trading is LIVE

Click here to buy LLN on Pancakeswap

Lunaland Team

Dusko Ruzic — Commander

Dusko is enthusiastic in entrepreneurship, financial markets, and technology. He has held positions in some of the world’s greatest financial organizations, including the Bank of New York Mellon, Macquarie Bank, and the National Bank of Australia. He is enthusiastic about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which he believes has the potential to become the dominant digital payment system in the near future.

Erol Salcinovic — Pilot

Erol Salcinovic is an award-winning designer from Australia. For the greater part of a decade, he has led design departments at worldwide agencies and collaborated with the world’s greatest and most recognized companies.

Ben — Mission Specialist

Ben is a blockchain enthusiast and entrepreneur from Australia. He has created and supported several start-ups, and he works directly with emerging companies to help leadership teams make the right decisions to enhance the results of their initiatives. He will oversee Lunaland’s strategic development and focus on laying a solid basis for expectations, processes, and goals to be met.


Lunaland is a digital currency that operates on p2p basis. The project is currently online and its native token, LLN is listed on Pancakeswap and trading has been started. At the time of writing, trading price of 1 LLN is 0.0052$. With the continuous burning plans, the total supply of the token will be decreased hence rising the price of the token. This project is developed and managed by a group of individuals who are mostly entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With such great features, the future of Lunaland project is very clear.

For More information about the Lunaland project:

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