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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects have emerged as one of the most significant sectors in the cryptocurrency field in 2021. The entire financial system might be revolutionized by loaning, borrowing, structuring derivatives and the purchase and sale of securities over a decentralized open source network. Coinbase made a roaring debut on Wall Street on April 14,2021, when its shares opened at US$381, giving the digital currency exchange a market value of US$100 billion. Some regard the company’s listing on a public stock exchange as a watershed event for cryptocurrency markets.

What is CoinChum?

Coinchum is a peer-to-peer marketplace with cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, XRP, and the Chum token. Coinchum combines web-based features with an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to learn from educational resources and trade cryptocurrencies with comprehensive market tools that allow for efficient monitoring and analysis of market movements.

🟢 CoinChum Ecosystem

The basic responsibility of a firm is, to maximize shareholder wealth. In this regard, Coinchum is committed to collaborating with investors to guarantee that their interests are incorporated into all stages of the business operations, from R&D to the ultimate point of sale. As a result, CoinChum offers a flexible exit plan to their valued investors.

Existing Problems and How CoinChum Will Overcome Them

🟡 Most P2P exchanges have a limited range of crypto coins. There are no risk hedging tools.

  • To lessen the possibility of price fluctuations, BTC/USDT or other binary trading pairings can be exchanged with low costs within the platform.
  • Online chat responds quickly.
  • Quick resolution of login/account issues
  • Withdrawals are processed quickly.
  • Telegram communities
  • Wallet Insurance — Assets insurance, Fund passwords, verification software, Withdrawal protection
  • Anti Scam (before & After Trade) — Login guard, Security deposit, Anti fraud system, Feedback system, etc.
  • Two factor Authorization (2FA) — Email, SMS, Google Authenticator, Anti Phishing
  • A powerful terminal that highlights key events as well as upcoming events that have an impact on cryptocurrency pricing.
  • The information terminal will provide traders with information such as the position of whale account holders, the global index, trading volume rankings, etc.
  • Videos, tutorials, trading tactics, and industry studies are among the educational resources available.
  • Users can publish videos or articles to the Coinchum education channel, and other users can view or pay for the materials using CHUM tokens.
  • Chum Token allows users to deduct additional fees.
  • Different badges and rights are assigned to different levels of users.
  • Allow users to add crypto wiki and other related materials.

🟢 CoinChum Technologies

CoinChum is created using the latest technologies and applications to deliver a great service to its users.

The Coinchum platform is based on Laravel PHP Framework.

Advantages of using Laravel PHP Framework:

  • Support for fast, distributed caching technologies such as Redis is built in.
  • Security methods have been improved to safeguard users’ online cryptocurrency wallets from harmful assaults.
  • This framework’s applications can be readily scaled to accommodate hundreds of millions of requests per month.
  • Laravel Sail is a lightweight command-line interface that allows developers to interact with Laravel’s default Docker configuration.
  • Coinchum also employs AngularJS to validate user input as it moves from the client interface to the server.

CoinChum ($CHUM) Tokenomics and Usecases

  • Security Deposit for Buyers and sellers on the marketplace — Team will assign varying risk levels to different payment methods. In order to dramatically reduce and screen for fraudulent activity, high risk payment methods will require CHUM as a security deposit.
  • Right to vote on coin listing or other high-priority activity.
  • Access to premium services from numerous educational sources
    A member must have a minimum Chum balance to obtain access to the platform. To access premium levels of service, higher balances will be required.
  • Other social applications — Payment, Travel, and Entertainment.



CoinChum is a new P2P digital marketplace that is build on Laravel PHP Framework and AngularJS. It offers users a unique exchange services with higher security measures such as KYC, Anti Scam and so on. Anyone from beginner to an experienced can join and utilize trading instruments provided by the platform to make trades. One of the main features of the platform is the ability to learn with the materials provided. The team behind the project is well educated and experienced.

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